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Hoaxes and Scams

Along with viruses and spam, *hoaxes* are one of the most common plagues of email. Hoax emails often bring threats of impossible computer viruses, or other fictional threats to your computer security. Other hoaxes are so-called "urban legends" -- misleading stories passed from
person to person, usually about shocking or scandalous events. Don't fall prey to the disinformation of email hoaxes -- get the facts!

Computer viruses are a real problem for Windows users, and many people worry about them. Virus hoaxes take advantage of this. A hoax message might describe a purported new virus, very dangerous and supposedly immune to anti-virus software. The hoax might instruct you to delete files from your computer or run an attached piece of software. Don't fall for it! Doing these things can harm your operating system.

Other hoaxes describe phony scandalous stories, usually trying to rile people up or scare them with a trumped-up tale or horror story. These hoaxes are often phrased as chain letters -- "Pass this story to all your friends!" Please don't -- check the facts first, or you'll be doing your friends wrong by misleading them.

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