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System and data security concerns everyone -- ordinary computer users, workstation and server administrators, and programmers alike. The Internet is a potentially quite dangerous environment, with countless viruses, worms, and human attackers attempting to gain access to your computers. It is possible to deflect these attacks and maintain a secure computing environment -- but it takes attention and effort to do so. The following pages provide CIS's suggestions on keeping your computers secure on WHOInet and the Internet at large.

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Security News & Services
Password Attacks
Changes to WHOI firewall policy
Virus Protection
Hoaxes & Scams
Operating System Updates
About the Spam Digest service
Check your own List of Rejected Spam
What CIS Does to Block Spam
How to report spam to CIS
Desktop Security
Desktop Security Guidelines
Virus Awareness & Detection
Configuring Symantec Antivirus
Workstation/Server Security
Workstation Security Guidelines
What to do in case of intrusion
SANS Top Twenty Security Problems
Server Security Tips
Physical/Site Security
Site Security Guidance
CIS Hurricane Preparation Plan
Pre-Hurricane Recommendations for End-Users
Physical Security for Laptops and small electronic devices