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WHOI Wireless Networks

CIS is deploying wireless access points throughout both the Village and Quissett campuses. The first locations to get wireless service are several conference rooms and other public areas, but service will be expanded to cover all indoor areas as quickly as possible.

The wireless access point equipment that CIS has purchased allows us to operate several separate wireless networks simultaneously. This capability will be used to create wireless networks with different levels of security and geographical coverage as well as to setup temporary networks for meetings and conferences. Initially we are configuring two wireless networks for use across the Institution.

You will need to register before you can use the WHOI wireless networks. This registration helps prevent non-WHOI people from gaining access to the wireless network.

To register, you will need know the hardware address (also known as the MAC address or physical address) of your wireless interface card. Help is provided during the registration process. Once a network card is registered it will be able to use both of the two wireless networks.

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