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About WHOI's Wireless Networks

Once you have registered, you will find there are two WHOI wireless networks available for use. The preferred network Arctic is secure and gives you an internal WHOInet address. The other network available to registered machines is Atlantic, which requires using the Cisco VPN.


This wireless network is a secure network that always requires you to establish a VPN connection to get service. It does not use wireless security methods but instead relies upon the high level of security and encryption provided by the VPN. The SSID (Atlantic) is broadcast, so most computers with wireless cards will find this network automatically if they are in range of an access point. No key is required. Once connected to an access point, run your Cisco VPN client to access the Internet and WHOInet.

If you are not currently using a VPN client but would like to, please see the CIS pages on VPN accounts and software.


The preferred wireless network, Arctic, is relatively easy to connect. Connecting to this wireless network will give you access equivalent to that of an wired connection. Select it from the list of available networks and you will be prompted to enter your credentials, a username and password. These are your Remote Access (RAS) credentials, the same ones you use for VPN.

Please note: The exact procedure of configuring for wireless access varies depending upon operating system and manufacturer of the wireless interface card. If you are already familiar with the process of entering SSIDs and passkeys on your computer, then follow the procedures that have worked for you. We have written a configuration page documenting an example of what we have seen - we hope it will help.