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Troubleshooting - wired WHOInet problem w/no change in location

Make certain that you've followed these steps.

  1. Confirm that your network cable is plugged into your computer and the wall jack. If you have a netgear switch between your computer and the wall jack, plug your computer's network cable directly into the wall jack temporarily. If that fixes the problem, then the netgear switch is the problem. If there are other computers plugged into the netgear switch - do they have connectivity?
  2. Are you able to reach the WHOI public site ( Reach Google (
    • If YES to either of the above, you have at least some connectivity. Go to 3.
    • If NO, please try step 5.
  3. Try the internal ( site
  4. Can you reach the public site by IP address?
    • If YES, you have connectivity but are unable to reach the DNS servers. Review your IP settings to be sure that the DNS servers are set to and Call the Helpdesk at x-2439.
    • If NO, the remaining possibilities are:
      - your machine has spyware which is preventing it from access the network.
      - the WHOI web servers are temporarily unavailable. Did you check Google?
      - the network cable is pinched by a piece of furniture?
      - new hardware on your computer? If your motherboard changed, you may need to re-register your computer. See the section on registering a new computer.
      - your computer may be blocked due to a virus infestation - check your voice mail. Contact the Helpdesk.
      - something has changed in the network closet - contact Helpdesk.
      - Additional Tips to discover the problem
  5. If you "ping", what happens?
    • Open a terminal window or an xterm or Click on Start->Run and type in 'cmd'
    • Type: ping
    • If you receive a "Reply from X.X.X.X", where X is an address... proceed to step 4.
    • If you see a message indicating that "" could not be found, try to reach by IP address: ping
    • If you receive a message indicating that the request timed out, there is a problem with your connection. Call the Helpdesk at x-2439 and let them know the steps you have taken.
    • If you receive a "Reply from X.X.X.X", where X is an address... suspect a misconfiguration of the DNS servers or a temporary outage. Call the Helpdesk at x-2439 to tell them the steps you have taken.
  6. You are able to get to some locations. Maybe the site you are attempting to contact is unavailable. Or, your computer has a problem. Contact the Helpdesk at x-2439 and give them this information.