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Troubleshooting - wired WHOInet, problem upon moving to a new location

Make certain that you've followed these steps.

  1. Are you certain that the computer is plugged into a "live" wall jack? To check, connect a computer that is already connected to the network (and working!) to the jack. If none is available, call the Helpdesk x-2439 - they may be able to check the jack number.
  2. Confirm that your network cable is plugged into your computer and the wall jack. If you have a netgear switch between your computer and the wall jack, plug your computer's network cable directly into the wall jack temporarily. If that fixes the problem, then the netgear switch is the problem. If there are other computers plugged into the netgear switch - do they have connectivity?
  3. Has any hardware on the computer changed - just before you moved or just afterward? This may mean that the computer needs to be re-registered with netreg.
  4. Are you being assigned an IP address (DHCP enabled on your computer and available in this location)?
  5. If so, determining the IP type may help you to solve the problem.
  6. You should have network connectivity if you have registered your machine, even if the machine has moved. One complication will be if you have moved to or from a location that does not yet support DHCP. Call the Helpdesk x-2439 for advice on how to proceed.
  7. If you have no connectivity at all (do not get a response when you ping, then the likely reason is a jack that is not activated. Or your machine's configuration for this location is wrong.
  8. If you have some connectivity, then suspect the target site.

Additional Tips to discover the problem