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WHOI Network Registration System (NetReg)

Add new computers to the WHOI network more easily with NetReg
You have a new computer. You want to get it on the network quickly. Maybe it's a laptop that you want to use in several WHOI buildings. Or maybe it's not your computer, but a computer for a guest who will be visiting for a few days.

In the past you've submitted an IP address request, waited a day or two for an address to be allocated to you, and then entered your IP settings. Now you can add new computers to the WHOI network more easily with a new network registration system (NetReg).

Advantages of NetReg include:
  • Quick Registration -- When you get a new computer, you can add it to the network in less than 15 minutes. You can register your computer yourself, without waiting for anyone in CIS. You won't need to ask for an address before getting a new computer.
  • Automatic Network Configuration -- Your computer can get its network settings automatically using DHCP. You don't need to enter its address, DNS servers, and other settings manually. (Your computer will always get the same fixed IP address and hostname.)
  • Roaming -- Once your computer is registered for network use in one building, you can use it in (almost) any WHOI building. It will get a temporary (dynamic) address that works in that building.
  • Guest Computers -- If a non-WHOI person visits your office or lab, you can easily put their computer on the network. You can set an expiration date when you register a guest computer.
Before you Register a New Computer
You can use NetReg DHCP in most places at WHOI. To register a new computer to use DHCP, you will need:
  • a WHOI LDAP (email) account (or a sponsor who has a WHOI LDAP account);
  • an active Ethernet jack;
  • to have your computer configured to obtain an IP address via DHCP (this is the default on new computers).

Additionally, you should install all security patches for your OS and have anti-virus software running with current definitions.

Then, you can Register your computer
To register a desktop computer or workstation (or any other machine with a DHCP client and a Web browser), do the following:

  • plug the unregistered computer into an active Ethernet jack,
  • open up a Web browser on the unregistered computer, and go to
    You should see the registration page. You will be prompted for your WHOI LDAP (email) name and password and then for a hostname for your new computer. (Networked devices which do not have DHCP clients and/or Web browsers can be registered from any already-registered computer.)

For more information about NetReg, see or contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.