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NetReg - How to Register a New Computer

You can use NetReg DHCP in most places at WHOI. To register a new computer to use DHCP, you will need:
  • a WHOI LDAP (email) account (or a sponsor who has a WHOI LDAP account)
  • an active Ethernet jack - call the CIS Helpdesk at x-2439 if you do not know the jack's status
  • to have your computer configured to obtain an IP address via DHCP (this is the default on new computers).

Important! Before connecting to WHOInet, be a good network citizen:

  • Install all security patches for your OS
  • Run anti-virus software with current definitions
  • Turn off all net services that you will not need

To register a desktop computer, workstation or any other machine with a DHCP client and a Web browser, do the following:

  • plug the unregistered computer into an active Ethernet jack,
  • open up a Web browser on the unregistered computer, and go to
    You should see the registration page. You will be prompted for your WHOI LDAP (email) name and password and then for a hostname for your new computer. (Networked devices which do not have DHCP clients and/or Web browsers can be registered from any already-registered computer.)

For more information about NetReg, see or contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.