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WHOInet Acceptable Use and Connection Policies

WHOInet is an important resource supporting the Institution's scientific and engineering mission. Please help us maintain the operability and integrity of the network by adhering to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology.

Users are required to provide an Ethernet network interface in their computers. All network hardware remains the sole property of CIS. By purchasing a network connection, you buy rights to the connection, but do not own the jack or cables.

Each machine (host) must be registered through WHOI Netreg. Most machines should obtain their network configurations via DHCP. Copying an IP address to another machine or making up one can disrupt network service.

Maintenance for network hardware is the responsibility of CIS. Please call the Help Desk at X2439 to report problems.

You can disconnect a machine to take it home or to sea without disrupting the network by unplugging the 8-pin RJ-45 modular plug from the wall jack or your local switch or hub.