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Ethernet Connections

There can be several steps involved in making a connection to the network.

  1. Is there a network drop available within fifteen feet of the location desired?  If not, one has to be installed.  This consists of running cabling to the nearest network edge switch.
  2. If there is a network connection, is it live?  If not, a connection to one of the edge switch ports has to be provided.
  3. If there is an active connection available in your work area, should your connection be made directly to the network edge switch, or through a local switch?
  4. Is your connection a more or less "permanent" one, or a transient one (laptop)?  It is generally preferable to make laptop or other transient connections through a small switch or hub.

Describe your connection circumstance and needs on the Network Connection Request Form. For the current charges for network connections, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.

CAT-5 Ethernet cables are included with your network connection request. 5', 10', and 25' CAT-5 cables can also be purchased via the WHOI Stockroom. CAT-6 cables are also available in the Stockroom at 3', 10' and 25' lengths.

There are also 5-port Netgear 10/100 Mbit switches and Gigabit switches available in the WHOI Stockroom. These are a reliable means for hosts to share one network connection.