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Email Administrator (vacation, password, forwarding, etc.)

Older Forms find all the CIS service forms listed (Email, RAS, VPN, etc.)
Please visit our active website: http://whoi-it.whoi.edu for up-to-date information and service forms.

Services link to all CIS service offerings

CIS Billing Principles
New CIS billing principles defined.

Get the WHOIguest key
WHOIguest is a wireless network intended to allow your short-term visitors to get online. Laptops brought here by visitors need not be registered in order to connect. A weekly key is published on the internal website linked above so that you can give it to your visitor to use when connecting. We ask that WHOI employees not use the network but reserve it for visitors only. WHOI internal services (VPN, printing, access to internal websites) are not available when connected to the WHOIguest network for security reasons.

About the Spam digest service
CIS announces its Spam digest service, a daily personalized list of messages that were blocked for your email account. Because Spam rejection is an imperfect science, our intention is to put the information regarding what we have blocked for you into your hands. We also have developed more options for viewing your list of rejected Spam.

Access incoming mail at an External account
If you have another email account (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN), there may be times during which you prefer to monitor your new WHOI email messages using an external account. Add an additional address to your LDAP settings! Then, all email sent to your WHOI email account will go to your other account as well as your WHOI account.

Sending Authenticated Email
CIS has defined an alternative Email configuration allowing you to send encrypted Email from outside WHOI without a VPN connection. Authenticated Email will work internally and externally, with or without a VPN connection.

ftp.whoi.edu notice
As of 10AM this morning, WHOI's ftp server, ftp.whoi.edu, is now being hosted on a new server. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the CIS Helpdesk.

RAS 800-number username change
Beginning on September 6, users connecting to the RAS 800-number will be required to enter a valid 4-digit telephone billing code as part of their RAS username.

WHOI Network Registration System (NetReg)
You can now use WHOI NetReg to connect your computer to the WHOI network - faster and easier!

Email Archiving Service
CIS announces an e-mail archiving service. Additionally, we are making available a platform-independent tool to search, sort and read the email messages that you archive.

Backup Service
CIS announces a backup service available for computers attached to WHOInet. We use a client installed on your system, your connection to the network and a massive tape library.