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CIS Technical Specialties

Julie Allen FTP Access Setup, Coldfusion, Drupal, Web Applications, Webmaster
Mike Bishop IP Address Assignments, Network Engineer (backup to John K.), VPN System Maintainer
Fay Cali New PC Setups, PC Support for Admin Systems
Bruce Cole RAS and VPN Setup, Server Room Manager, GTF support, Helpdesk
Eric Cunningham Email Setup and Maintenance, MIS Machines Sys. Admin, Unix System Support, MatlabContracts, HP, Informix
Art Gaylord Internet 2, Video Conferencing, Web Content Management, Hiring, Policies
David Gaylord Java, Web programming, CMS
Helen Gordon Application development (Salary Workup), Informix, Grants Management, DBMS resource, Coldfusion
Christine Hammond FTP access setup, DBMS, Programming resource, Training Lead, Remote Access help
Hartley Hoskins Network Team Lead, Historical Anchor, Telecommunication Technology
Wendy Huntington Budgets, Administration
John Krauspe Network Support / IP Address Assignments (backup), NT Servers
Andy Maffei Neptune, SeaNet, Network Expert
Randy Manchester Unix Support, Sun, SGI
Jonathan Murray Unix Support, Linux
BL Owens Mac Support
Isabel Penman Telecom
Alicia Rose Network Support, Wireless connections
Brenda Rowell Telecom
Warren Sass Application Programmer, Systems Programmer, C, Perl, Fortran, Security
Debbie Shafer PC Software Support
Adam Shepherd Footprints Support, Web Applications, Java, Coldfusion, CMS
Sandy Tynan Telecom