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New User Guide - Network Connection

WHOInet is the name given to the WHOI network infrastructure and its services. Comprised of CISCO switches and routers, miles and miles of CAT5 wiring leading to offices in more than 30 buildings, WHOInet delivers high-speed, state-of-the-art connectivity internally and to the Internet.

We encourage you to read our WHOInet Usage Policy, so that you will be fully informed of the expected proper use of WHOInet.

To register your computer for use on WHOInet:

  1. Plug your computer into an active Ethernet jack (how do I know if it's active?) using a CAT5 cable
  2. Set your computer to obtain its network settings using DHCP
  3. Use a Web browser to go to
You will need a WHOI email account to register. If you need help registering, use the 'help' documentation at or call the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.

Apply to Activate a Network Jack

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