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Flex Working Group

The FastLane technical experts working group was formed in mid-2000 by Claire Reid (Executive Assistant to the Director of Research, at the time) on behalf of Grant and Contract Services and Christine Hammond and Debbie Shafer of CIS to address the complex issues inherent in the electronic proposal submission process.

MaryAnn Lucas of the Physical Oceanography Department has agreed to lead the Flex meetings beginning May 2003.

Many thanks to Diane Pencola, G&G, for serving as our first Flex leader.


  • To encourage knowledge-sharing about FastLane procedures between Departments
  • To provide a conduit for communication between CIS and proposal preparers specifically dealing with issues relating to FastLane's electronic submittal process
Flex is comprised of the acknowledged proposal preparation technical expert or two from each of the science departments.

Useful Links
As resources are identified, we'll keep a list of them below in an attempt to provide them to the entire proposal-preparation community at WHOI.