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About CIS

We are 30 or so people, most full-time, some part-time, who provide a central resource of technical expertise to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution employees. Have a look at our CIS Contact information.

Among the activities that keep us busy are, providing:

  • Advice and expertise on emerging technologies
  • WHOI's Telephone network infrastructure and its maintenance
  • WHOI's Data network infrastructure and its support
  • Centralized services such as,
    • E-mail to all WHOI users
    • Web servers known as and
    • anonymous ftp services - for picking up software, and for hosting user data
    • shared file and print servers
  • Computer support technicians - software, hardware
  • Scientific Programming services
  • Computer training in commonly-used software
  • Unix system administration expertise
  • Administrative computer hosting in our environmentally controlled area
  • Software development and support for proposal preparation, tracking and reporting

If you have any questions, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.

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