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"Dive and Discover: A Look at Hydrothermal Vent Geology"

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Dr. Susan Humphris, WHOI, Geology and Geophysics Department
Dr. Humphris’ research interests include the chemical reactions and alteration of the earth’s crust and seawater by undersea hydrothermal circulation processes at hydrothermal vent sites. Her presentation was on the geology of hydrothermal vent sites, and centered on the ongoing web project Dive and Discover (, a website with funding from the National Science Foundation dedicated to making the excitement of deep ocean research, deep-sea hydrothermal vents, geology, and deep ocean technology available to students and teachers through live chronicles of research voyages and dives in Alvin to the sea floor.

Web-based Resources

WHOI's Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor

Excellent web links recommended by the Dive and Discover project leaders:

Extreme 2000: Voyage to the Deep

Black Smoker Expedition

REVEL Project

How Stuff Works: Submarines

Ocean Planet (Smithsonian)

The Remarkable Ocean World

Neptune's Web

ThinkQuest: Earth Science and the Environment

The RIDGE Project

Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration

Blow the Ballast! People in the Sea, from the Navy

Deep-Sea Pages from a faculty member at Whitman College (Washington)

Deep-Sea Research Newsgroup (many resources)

NOAA Explorations Deep East Cruise

British Ocean Sediment Core Repository (BOSCOR) (info. on coring, nice history of seafloor sampling since the HMS Challenger expedition)

Marine Geological Samples Laboratory at the University of Rhode Island (information on borrowing samples/cores for educational purposes)

U.S. Geological Survey's Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology Information Bank (nice resources for Earth science researchers, students from elementary through college, policy makers, and general public)

NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (Marine Geology and Geophysics)

WHOI Core Lab

Voyage to Puna Ridge (join an international team of scientists on a 36-day ocean voyage to Hawaii's most spectacular volcano!)

Ocean Drilling Program (lots of great links!)

National Science Foundation Ocean Drilling pages

Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES)

USGS Seafloor Mapping Technology (Woods Hole Field Center)

University of Hawaii Mapping Research Group

American Geological Institute Educational Project

The Mid-Ocean Ridge: Part II
Vol. 42, No. 2, 1998
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Make a Miniature Deepsea Vent, by New England Aquarium

Hydrothermal Vent Communities, by Michael Botos

Hydrothermal Vent Communities Student Activity, by Michael Botos

Volcanoes of the Deep, a NOVA student handout

Oceanography Lesson Plans for Science, Pressure, by Neptune's Web

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