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Fisheries and Aquaculture

WHOI Sea Grant has identified both the area of revitalizing our nation's fisheries and the area of development of sustainable aquaculture as priority areas that fit within the capacity of the academic and research environment within the region served by our program. It is our belief that these two priority areas are very closely linked technologically and culturally within New England and thus we are approaching these areas as a unified and coordinated effort. The program elements include:

(1) development of technology and programs to promote stock enhancement of natural fish and shellfish resources, including mechanisms to evaluate the efficacy of enhancement programs and the overall effectiveness of such programs;

(2) investigation of larval recruitment processes for fish and shellfish and development of means to understand the relationship between recruitment and physical and chemical characteristics of the environment;

(3) investigation of disease processes in marine organisms with an emphasis on prophylactics and management of diseased stocks to minimize economic losses to the natural fisheries and aquaculture industries; and

(4) promotion of business and industrial development through expanding efforts in coastal management and through understanding of the economics of marine related businesses.

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