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Pollution: Pollutant Transport

Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
MacDonald, D.G. and R.A. Rountree (eds.)
Northeastern Naturalist, Vol. 13, Special Issue 4, 204 pp., 2006 WHOI-O-06-001

Stable Isotope Evidence for Entry of Sewage-derived Organic Material Into a Deep-sea Food Web
Van Dover, C.L., J.F. Grassle, B. Fry, R.H. Garritt, and V.R. Starczak
Nature, Vol. 360, pp. 153-156, 1992 WHOI-R-92-007

Differential Transport of Sewage-derived Nitrogen and Phosphorus Through a Coastal Watershed
Weiskel, P.K. and B.L. Howes
Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 352-360, 1992 WHOI-R-92-001

Biogeochemical Processes Governing Exposure and Uptake of Organic Pollutant Compounds in Aquatic Organisms
Farrington, J.W.
Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 90, pp. 75-84, 1991 WHOI-R-91-008

Anthropogenic Influence of the Sedimentary Regime of an Urban Estuary: Boston Harbor
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Fitzgerald, M.G.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report WHOI-80-38, 297 pp., 1980 WHOI-Y1-80-002

Fine-grained Sediment and Industrial Waste Distribution and Dispersal in New Bedford Harbor and Western Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Summerhayes, C.P., J.P. Ellis, P. Stoffers, S.R. Briggs, and M.G. Fitzgerald
1977 WHOI-T-77-003

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