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Pollution: Oil Spills

The Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons on Lipid Metabolism and Energetics of Larval Development and Metamorphosis in the American Lobster (Homarus americanus Milne Edwards)
Capuzzo, J.M., B.A. Lancaster, and G.C. Sasaki
Marine Environmental Research, Vol. 14, pp. 201-228, 1984 WHOI-R-84-008

Bioactivation of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Cytotoxic and Mutagenic Products by Marine Fish
Stegeman, J.J., T.R. Spopek, and W.G. Thilly
In: Symposium: Carcinogenic Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Marine Environment, EPA-600/9-82-013, pp. 201-211, 1982 WHOI-R-82-014

The Marine Environment and Maritime Security in Southeast Asia: Controlling Oil Tanker Traffic in the Strait of Malacca
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Finn, D.P.
Naval War College Review, pp. 49-59, 1981 WHOI-R-81-010

An Oil Spill Sampling Strategy
Smith, W.
1979 WHOI-R-79-013
A strategy for estimating the effect of an oil spill from a sample survey in the context of formal sampling theory is outlined in this paper. The investigator found that the conclusions that can be drawn from an oil spill survey are necessarily weaker than those that can be drawn from a carefully designed experiment. Although the survey can evaluate the differences in the properties of the control and affected areas selected, unlike a carefully designed experiment, survey data alone cannot assign a direct or indirect causal relationship between the oil spill and differences observed in the survey. One must turn to scientific results from controlled experiments of the effects of oil to show the probable relationship between the impact of oil on the survey area and the results of the survey analysis. The investigator concludes his analysis by stating that both the scientific evidence of the effect of oil in the environment and the survey results for a particular oil spill are necessary components in establishing the impact of an oil spill.

No. 2 Fuel Oil Spill in Bourne, Massachusetts: Immediate Assessment of Effects on Marine Invertebrates and a 3-year Study of Growth and Recovery of a Salt Marsh
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Hampson, G.R. and E.T. Moul
1978 WHOI-R-78-008

The Effects of Oil on Lobsters
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Atema, J.
1977 WHOI-R-77-017

Potential Effects of Oil Production on Georges Bank Communities: A Review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease No. 42
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Connor, M.S. and R.W. Howarth
1977 WHOI-T-77-001

A Three-year Study at Winsor Cove. Salt Marsh Grasses and #2 Fuel Oil
Hampson, G.R. and E.T. Moul
1977 WHOI-R-77-009

Some Metabolic Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Marine Fish
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Sabo, D.J. and J.J. Stegeman
1977 WHOI-R-77-011

Fate and Effects of Oil in Marine Animals
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Stegeman, J.J.
1977 WHOI-R-77-013

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