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Coastal Processes: Land-level, Sea-level Change

A Revised Late Holocene Sea-Level Record for Northern Massachusetts, USA
Donnelly, J.P.
Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 1051-1061, 2006 WHOI-R-06-004

Rapid Shoreward Encroachment of Salt Marsh Cordgrass in Response to Accelerated Sea-Level Rise
Donnelly, J.P. and M.D. Bertness
PNAS, Vol. 98, No. 25, pp. 14218-14223, 2001 WHOI-R-01-003

Recent Global Sea Levels and Land Levels
Aubrey, D.G. and K.O. Emery
In: Warrick, R.A., E.M. Barrow, and T.M.L. Wigley (eds.), Climate and Sea Level Change: Observations, Projections and Implications, Proceedings Climate Change Workshop, Norwich, U.K. Cambridge University Press, pp. 45-56, 1993 WHOI-R-93-015

Impacts of Relative Sea-level Rise on Evolution of Shallow Estuaries
Freidrichs, C.T., D.G. Aubrey, and P.E. Speer
In: Cheng, R.T. (ed.), Residual Currents and Long-term Transport. Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., Vol. 38, pp. 105-122, 1990 WHOI-R-90-015
This study investigated the potential impact of sea-level rise by utilizing both one-dimensional numerical modeling and seasonal fluctuations in mean sea levels at six shallow estuaries along the U.S. Atlantic Coast. These fluctuations are used as analogues to interannual trends in mean sea-level rise. These findings have implications for the evolution of shallow estuaries as global sea-level rises (an anticipated consequence of increased atmospheric trace gas loading). Whether estuaries import or export increased amounts of sediments as global sea-level rises depends on local estuarine geometry. Some systems will infill faster as sea-level rises, while some will flush more efficiently. These contrasting responses to mean sea-level rise mandate a careful assessment of how any individual estuary may respond to rising water levels.

Changing Coastal Levels of South America and the Caribbean Region from Tide-gauge Records
Aubrey, D.G., K.O. Emery, and E. Uchupi
Tectonophysics, Vol. 154, pp. 269-284, 1988 WHOI-R-88-014

Coastal Neo-tectonics of the Mediterranean from Tide-gauge Records
Emery, K.O., D.G. Aubrey, and V. Goldsmith
Marine Geology, Vol. 81, pp. 41-52, 1988 WHOI-R-88-007

Suspect Terranes in the North American Margins and Relative Sea-Levels
Uchupi, E. and D.G. Aubrey
Journal of Geology, Vol. 96, pp. 79-90, 1988 WHOI-R-88-003

Recent Relative Sea-level Change in Eastern North America
Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Library
Braatz, B.V. and D.G. Aubrey
In: Nummedal, D., O.H. Pilkey, and J.D. Howard (eds.), Sea-level Fluctuation and Coastal Evolution, Special Publication No. 41, The Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, pp. 29-46, 1987 WHOI-R-87-010

Relative Sea Level Change from Tide Gauge Records of Western North America
Emery, K.O. and D.G. Aubrey
Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 91, No. B14, pp. 13941-13953, 1986 WHOI-R-86-013

Glacial Rebound and Relative Sea Levels in Europe from Tide-gauge Records
Emery, K.O. and D.G. Aubrey
Tectonophysics, Vol. 120, pp. 239-255, 1985 WHOI-R-85-012

Eigenanalysis of Recent United States Sea Levels
Aubrey, D.G. and K.O. Emery
Continental Shelf Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 21-33, 1983 WHOI-R-83-007

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