Salinity at the Dock

Two sensors at about 1m depth take measurements every second at the deep well at the WHOI dock in Woods Hole Village. The measurements are processed and archived remotely and posted every hour, on the hour. These are self-cleaning sensors that prevent biological fouling from degrading the salinity measurement. However, transient biota can cause a salinity spike (usually low) and we have made some attempt to filter these out in the data displayed here.

Contact Ray Schmitt at WHOI ext. 2426 with any questions or to request data.

The Instruments:

Sensor on the Dock

The two CT sensor with self-scrubbing heads.   The heads (lower end) rotate to scrub the sensors and enclose them in an antifouling environment when not sampling.

Sensors in the Water

Photograph of the two sensors suspended in the well at the WHOI dock.   Tidal flushing is stong and high populations of zooplankton are often present.   The passage of biota through the conductivity cell generally yield a lower conductivity/salinity spike which can be filtered from the data stream.

Today's Measurements:



Measurements This Week:

Measurements This Month:

The dates are marked at the midnight start of each day.

Measurements Last Month:

The green dots represent surface thermometer and water bottle samples taken at the dock, generally about mid-day. The greater depth of the sensors may explain the discrepancies in temperature. Since the salinity bottles are processed in batches, we generally only post these for the previous month.

Measurements Last 360 Days:

The graph below displays only every 100th data point because the figure resolution cannot display such fine detail.