These are my own short stories and personal reflection (in Chinese)

The road to science -- my personal reflection (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
From MIT to Princeton -- my Ph.D and Postdoctorial experience (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
How did I enter oceanography (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
How Stommel do research (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
Quality Quality Quality (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
My Way in Learning English -- the pain and joy (pdf, last update: Sep. 29, 2012)
SandstromTheorem_100Y_Workshop (pdf, last update: Sep. 28. 20, 2012)
My First paper (pdf, last update: Sep. 20, 2012)


Ocean Circulation, Wind-driven and Thermohaline processes

The Chinese eddition, including corrections for typos will be published April, 2012, by High Education press of China

Book cover (pdf)
Errata (Last updated on July 1/2012) (pdf)

Ocean Garden

This is a garden where I collect my most recent thought about physics of the ocean
Hope you enjoying reading notes posed in this garden. Please send your questions or comments
1) Western coastal zone: Part I, Coastal circulation as a boundary layer? (to be updated soon) (pdf)
2) Western coastal zone: Part II, Regulation of the coastal circulation by basin-scale zonal wind? (to be updated soon) (pdf)
3) Is neutral surface really neutral? (Last updated with energetics: 4/19/2010, a more updated version will appear soon) (pdf)
4) Salinity errors in volume-conserved models? (Last Update: 1/10/2010) (pdf)
5) Thermal equilibrium state of the world oceans (Last Update: 4/24/2010) (pdf)

Family circle

This is a place where I collect my rule of the famous Chinese Majong game. There exist at least
several hundreds of rule over the whoel world. Over many years I have studied the potential
combinations and roughtly the probability of these combinations. Idealy, the score should be
inversely proportional to these probability...I welcome suggestions and criticism.
Please send your questions or comments
1) Majong rule in Chinese (Last updated 7/12/2010) (pdf)
2) Majong rule in English (Last updated 7/12/2010) (pdf)


You can download a single copy for your own study
Please send your questions or comments
2008 (JPO) Mechanical energy input to the ocean induced by tropical cyclones (pdf)
2008 (JPO) Stommel's box model- extension, role of energy and gyration (pdf)
2008 (JGR) Role of gyration in oceanic general circulation: Atlantic Ocean (pdf)
2007 (JGR) On the boundary condition applied to the sea-ice coupled model (pdf)
2007 (JGR) Role of mixied layer in regulating meridional mass/heat fluxes (pdf)
2007 (JPO) Climate varibility in Equatorial Pacific induced by decadal variability in mixing coefficient (pdf)
2006 (Acta Ocean.) Meso-scale available Gravitational Potential Energy in the world oceans (pdf)
2006 (JPO) Gravitational potential energy balance for a model ocean (pdf)
2006 (Tellus) Abyssal stratification and circul. from principle of maximal entropy production (pdf)
2006 (DSR) Decadal variability of wind energy (pdf)
2006 (Chinese Sci. Bull.) Energy Input due to atmospheric loading (pdf)
2005 (JOUC) Contribution of oceanic circulation to the Poleward Heat Flux (pdf)
2005 (JPO) Decadal variab. of pycnoc. flows from the subtro. to equator. Pacific (pdf)
2005 (JFM) An exper. study on thermal circulation driven by horiz. diff. heating (pdf)
2005 (JMR) Available potential energy in the world's oceans (pdf)
2004 Entry for the Encyclopedia of energy (pdf)
2004 (JPO) wind energy input to surface waves (pdf)
2004 (JPO) Wind energy input to Ekman layer (pdf)
2003 (Hawaii Meeting) Gravitational potential energy sinks in the oceans (pdf)
2003 (JPO) The asymmetic nature of the equator. Undercurrent (pdf)
2002 (OM) On aliasing Rossby waves induced by asynchronous time stepping (pdf)
2002 (JPO) Sea surface elevation and bottom pressure anomaly, Part I. (pdf)
2002 (JPO) Deep circulation in the south Atlantic induced by bottom-inten. mixing (pdf)
2001 (JPO) Adjustment of the ventilated thermocline (pdf)
2001 (AAS) An oceanic general circulation model in pressure coordinates (pdf)
2001 (JPO) An analytical solution of the ideal-fluid thermocline (pdf)
2001 (JPO) Interior communication from the subtropical to the tropical oceans (pdf)
2000 (GRL) Global adjustment of the thermocline in response to deepwater formation (pdf)
2000 (JPO) Climate variability inferred from a continuously stratified model.... (pdf)
2000 (JPO) Parameter study of a continously stratified model of the ideal-fluid thermocline (pdf)
2000 (JPO) Climate variability induced by anomalous buoyancy forcing in a multilayer... (pdf)
1999 (JPO) The relative influence of diapycnal mixing and hydrologic forcing... (pdf)
1999 (JPO)Mixing and energetics of the oceanic thermohaline circulation (pdf)
1999 (JPO) Climate variability inferred from a layered model of the ventilated thermocline (pdf)
1999 (JPO) Seasonal variations of sea surface height in the Gulf Stresm region (pdf)
1998 (JPO) The structure of the wind-driven circulation in the subtropical South Pacific Ocean (pdf)
1998 (CJAS) On balance of energy in oceanic general circulation (pdf)
1998 (JPO) Sensitivity of the GFDL modular ocean model to parameterization of double-diffusive processes.. (pdf)
1993 (JPO) Real freshwater flux as a natural boundary condition for the salinity . (pdf)
1988 (JPO) On boundary value problems of the ideal-fluid thermocline (pdf)