Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Mail Stop 19
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1047 USA
Telephone: 508-289-2241
Fax: 508-457-2195


Massachusetts Maritime Academy, 1976-1977
Bridgewater State College, 1977
Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Nights), 1978


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: 1998 to present: Senior Engineering Assistant II;
1989--1998: Senior Engineering Assistant I; 1986--1989: Research Assistant III, Mechanics;
1983--1986: Research Assistant II, Mechanics; 1980--1983: Research Assistant I, Mechanics;
1978--1980: Laboratory Assistant II, Mechanics.

Research Interests

Design of both deep and shallow moored ocean measurement systems and the development of modern handling equipment and techniques for the deployment and recovery of standard and/or complex buoy systems

Description of Work

Provide complete technical support for acoustic and oceanographic mooring operations both at WHOI and at other institutions around the world. Major responsibilities include design, fabrication, testing, and deployment of
complex surface and sub-surface mooring systems. Actively participate in mooring deployment and recovery cruises, often having overall responsibility for logistics and at sea operations. Operate in capacities ranging from chief of deck operations to chief scientist and project PI. Assist numerous principal investigators in budgetary considerations both within WHOI and at participatinginstitutions. Vast field exposure and at-sea experience in all areas of mechanics.

Sea Experience

Participated in over 150 oceanographic cruises totaling over 1,936 sea days, primarily associated with mooring deployments and recoveries. Operated in most oceans in a broad range of latitudes from the equator to the arctic and on a large variety of vessels, both foreign and domestic.


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