OML Major Cruise Participation


South China Sea 2005-2008

LADDER 2006-2008

DIMES 2009-2012

ITOP 2010

IWISE 2011

Day Cruises and Instrument Tests

OML regularly participates in day tests and smaller projects. Examples of notable invovlement are listed below.
  • 2009/11: Slocum G1 Glider with RSI Microrider test: Onslo Bay, North Carolina.
  • 2011/08: VMP-500 Turbulence measurements of Drifter Line: Woods Hole.
  • 2011/09: Glider testing: Cape Cod Bay. Intercomparison of Spray and Slocum gliders for use with Rockland Scientific Microrider package.
  • 2011/10: Intercomparison of VMP500 and Nortek Aquadop HR platforms. Including deployment of a Spray for a one month microstructure sampling mission.

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