Peter Winsor
Project - Instruments and Development - Microstructure Instrumentation (VMP)
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I have acquired a microstructure instrument from Rockland Oceanographic Services Inc. The instrument (VMP) is a self-contained instrument designed to measure dissipation-scale turbulence in oceans, e.g., scalar microstructure temperature and conductivity along with microstructure velocity shear. Temperature and conductivity are sampled rapidly with, respectively, two FP07 fast-response thermistors and two SBE7 two-needle electrode conductivity sensors. The instrument can be mounted on a CTD rosette frame for deep-ocean casts and/or in areas with sea ice. In this configuration the instrument records data internally on a hard disk. The instrument can also be converted to a free-falling lightly-tethered instrument, capable of measuring microstructure velocity shear for direct computations of turbulent dissipation.

The micro sensors are oriented down and are located near the bottom of the frame, so that the flow to the sensors is not affected by the frame structure. The VMP samples the micro sensors and a high-resolution pressure transducer at 512 Hz. The rapid sample rate plus the fast-response design of the sensors allows the instrument to measure temperature, conductivity and shear on very small vertical scales.
Pictures from deployment of the microstructure instrument in the Arctic Ocean during the Beringia 2005 expedition.
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