Peter Winsor
Research Interests

Welcome to my research pages! I am currently working as an Assistant Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with a wide aspect of research topics and areas, most of which occur, or are located in, Arctic to sub-Arctic areas. My primary interests include the dynamics of Arctic and sub-Arctic seas; such as the general circulation, shelf-basin interactions, sea ice thickness, polynyas, microstructure and mixing, overflows, global GCMs and their representation of the Arctic Ocean, and freshwater perturbations and abrupt climate change. I approach problems using numerical modeling, field work, observations, and new instrumentation. I hope you find these pages interesting.


Navigation - Numerical modeling

Numerical Modeling

I am currently working on several numerical modeling projects using both a one-dimensional atmosphere-ice-ocean column model and three three-dimensional primitive-equation models (ROMS, MITgcm and FVCOM). Most of these calculations are performed on a modern 16-node 32-processor Linux cluster named Pikmin. This work is mainly funded by NSF OPP. For more in-depth descriptions of some of the modeling projects, please click on the links below.

The Arctic Ocean Boundary Current (AOBC)
Circulation in the Northern Bering Sea
Navigation - Observations


Going to sea to make new observations is really what I love to do most of all. Adding the challenge of making high-quality observations in high-latitude seas makes it even more fun. Below you can find out more about a couple of Arctic cruises, download hydrographic data and browse related publications.

Arctic Ocean 2001
Arctic Ocean 2002
Beringia 2005
Navigation - Instruments and Development

Instruments and Development

Novel instruments and instrument development is one key component in my research. In the summer of 2005 I field tested two new types of instruments; polar profiling floats and a microstructure instrument capable of operating in ice-covered seas. For more information please click on the links below.

Polar Profiling Floats website
Microstructure Instrumentation (VMP)
Navigation - Errata


In this section you can access my publications and CV. In the future, photos and links will be available.

CV [PDF document]
Support from the National Science Foundation and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ocean and Climate Change Institute is gratefully acknowledged.
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