Vertical Sections
Note: All section and profile plots can be downloaded here or by clicking on the Download Data link on our home page and through the links on this page.

Profile plots are available individually (e.g., KH6p1.jpg and KH6p2.jpg contain profiles for station 6) and also as a complete set in both tarred gzip format and zip(khromov_profiles.tgz and

Section plots are also available in both formats. Sections 1-4 are contained in and sections1-4.tar.gz. Sections 1F-3F are in and newplots_section1f_3f.tar.gz)

LADCP data are available in a tarred gzip format khromov_ladcp_data.tar.gz. See the text file khromov_ladcp_readme. for details.


"Numbers indicate section numbers.
Individual Profile Plots
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Station Position Map
Temperature, Salinity, T/S   
Individual Profile Plots
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Density, Oxygen, Turbidity, Fluorescence
Station 6 Station 6
Station 7 Station 7
Station 8 Station 8
Station 9 Station 9
Station10 Station10
Station11 Station11
Station12 Station12
Station13 Station13
Station14 Station14
Station15 Station15
Station18 Station18 (no turbidity; no fluorometer)
Station19 Station19 (no turbidity; no fluorometer)
Station20 Station20
Station21 Station21
Station22 Station22
Station23 Station23
Station24 Station24
Station25 Station25
Station26 Station26
Station27 Station27
Station44 Station44
Station45 Station45
Station46 Station46
Station47 Station47
Station48 Station48
Station49 Station49
Station50 Station50
Station51 Station51
Station52 Station52
Station53 Station53
Station54 Station54
Station55 Station55
Station56 Station56
Station57 Station57
Station58B Station58B
Station58 Station58
Station59 Station59
Station60 Station60
Station61 Station61
Station62B Station62B
Station62 Station62
Station63 Station63
Station64 Station64
Station65 Station65
Station66 Station66
Station67 Station67
Station68 Station68
Station69 Station69
Station70 Station70
Station71 Station71
Station72 Station72
Station73B Station73B
Station73 Station73
Station74 Station74
Station75 Station75
Station76 Station76
Station77 Station77
Station78 Station78
Station79 Station79
Station80 Station80
Station81 Station81
Station82 Station82
Station83 Station83
Station84 Station84
Station85B Station85B
Station85 Station85
Station86 Station86
Station87 Station87
Station88 Station88
Station89 Station89
Station106 Station106
Station107 Station107
StationA1R StationA1R
StationA1U StationA1U