Fiammetta Straneo

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Straneo, Fiammetta and M. Kawase, 1999:  Comparisons of Localized Convection due to a Localized Forcing and to Preconditioning. J. Phys. Ocean.29,  55-68.
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Straneo, Fiammetta, R. S. Pickart and K. Lavender, 2003: Spreading of Labrador Sea Water: An Advective-Diffusive Modeling Study Based on Lagrangian Observations,   Deep Sea Res.  I 50 (2003) 701-719
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Deshayes,J., F. Straneo, M. Spall, 2009:     Mechanisms of Variability in a Convective Basin J. Mar. Res. (67), 273-303

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F. Straneo, G. Hamilton, D.Sutherland, L. Stearns, F. Davidson, M. Hammill, G. Stenson, A. Rosing-Asvid 2010:     Rapid Circulation of warm subtropical waters in a major glacial fjord off East Greenland, F. Straneo et al., Nature Geoscience 10.1038/NGEO764.

Sutherland,D.A., Straneo F., Lentz S., St. Laurent, P., 2010:     Observations of fresh, anticyclonic eddies in the Hudson Strait outflow J. Mar. Sys. submitted

Dery, S.J., Mlynowski, T.J., Hernandez-Henriquez, M.A., F. Straneo, 2010:     Variability and trends in streamflow output into Hudson BayJ. Mar. Sys. submitted

St. Laurent,F. Straneo, J.F. Dumais, D.G. Barber 2010:     What is the fate of the river waters of Hudson Bay J. Mar. Sys. submitted

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