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The image above shows scientists from the mixing group on the deck of the R/V New Horizon with the High Resolution Profiler, after a recovery. The photo was taken during the TOPO research cruise in the North Pacific, when we studied the mixing processes associated with flow around an isolated Seamount.

The understanding of the dynamics of ocean mixing is based primarily on measurements from relatively shallow waters, due to the complexities associated with obtaining high quality data from equipment operating near the seafloor more than a mile underwater. The mixing group at WHOI started working on the problem of quantifying deep ocean mixing more than a decade ago. First a deep ocean capable instrument had to be designed, constructed and tested. After proving a success, it became the workhorse of the group, used in eight major research programs quantifying the spatial distribution of mixing. One of the early findings was that mixing processes are different near the seafloor, especially near rough bathymetry. Now, a new kind of instrument system is being used to quantify the temporal aspects of near bottom mixing.

We hope this web site will provide useful information regarding this area or research. The buttons beside the photo provide access to more information about our research and the instruments used to obtain data. The photo below shows the HRP on the surface, just before being brought onto the ship.

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