HydroBase3 is a tool for climatological analysis of oceanographic properties. The package is comprised of software and database products that together provide a flexible means of constructing and analyzing datasets customized to investigators' research needs. A graphical user interface has been built to enable running HydroBase3 within a Matlab environment.

The global database utilizes three types of files:

  • Observed Profile Data (both raw and quality-controlled) in ascii text files
  • Gridded Climatology Products: monthly and annual objectively mapped fields of pressure, temperature, salinity at various resolutions in netCDF format
  • Topography at 1 minute-arc resolution in netCDF format

The software enables users to navigate through these databases and produce a variety of analysis products (property plots, vertical sections, horizontal maps, timeseries ...) It is designed to run on multiple environments and operating systems (LINUX/UNIX, MacOS, Windows OS, Matlab), utilizing the power of shell environments to extract and analyze hydrographic data as a series of flexible commands. Installation on your local platform requires an ANSI-C compiler (such as gcc) plus the netCDF libraries.

To install on Windows platforms, a front end to gcc (such as MinGW) is recommended.