February 2005
Cruise - 2005

Field work summary
In February 2005 our scientific team will brave the stormy Cape Hatteras waters to perform more shipboard surveys and to recover the summer moored instruments. To make the most of our time at sea, we will be using larger vessels. The cruises will also be longer (three weeks instead of two weeks) to allow for the loss of several days to bad weather conditions.

Research Vessels
Two research vessels will be used for the February field work: the 177 ft Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution R/V Oceanus (Chief Scientist: Glen Gawarkiewicz) will perform the shelfbreak/upper slope survey, and the 92 ft Skidaway Institute of Oceanography R/V Savannah (Chief Scientist: Dana Savidge) will perform the shelf survey. Both vessels will be equipped with towed, undulating CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) sensors, shipboard surface mapping CT (conductivity-temperature) sensors, and shipboard ADCPs (acoustic doppler current profilers) to measure the water properties and currents.

Cruise track (initial planning)
Winter cruiseplan
This rough outline shows where we are planning on sampling in February 2005.