Float Operations Group

The Operations Group oversees the physical aspects of the floats. All asyembly, testing, and calibration are handled by the three people who make up the Operations Group. Headed by Jim Valdes since 1978, these three combine for over 56 years of float experiance.

Our goal is to supply scientist with the highest quality state of the art instrumentation possible and at the same time, through automation and skilled personal, offer them the lowest cost and highest data return per instrument availble anywhere.

Jim Valdes

Jim has worked with the Float Group since 1978. He is responsible for the day to day activities for the Operations Group as well as budgeting and proposal preparation. He has an engineering background and generally participates in instrumentation development activities as well as routine instrument preparations. He has sailed on a number of cruises on board Oceanographic Research Vessels often as Chief Scientist.

Brian Guest

Brian joined the Float Group in 1983. His responsibilities include: Bench testing all RAFOS float electronics upon delivery from the manufacture, pressure calibrations, temperature calibrations, ballasting, case up and finial checks prior to shipment. He also maintains the Sound Source instrumentation, mooring recovery aids and runs all at sea operations for float launch and mooring deployments/recoveries. From time to time Brian works with other groups to help them meet deadlines and support their work at sea. Some of those duties include sailing as the Head CTD Technician, current meter mooring deployment/recoveries, fabrication and operation of towed vehicles and prototype instrument fabrication, testing and operation.

Bob Tavares

Bob has been with WHOI and the Float Group since 1984. He was responsible for the pre-cruise, maintainence, calibration, ballasting, and down-cruising for the instrumentation involved in the SOFAR program: Autonomous Listening Station, Moored Listening Station, RELAYS Listening Station, RELAYS bouys, Drifting SOFAR Receiver, Shipboard Receiver, and SOFAR Floats.In the RAFOS program he was responsible for inspection, testing, calibration, assembly, and ballasting of RAFOS Floats and the maintainence of RAFOS Sound Sources. Currently, Bob is involved with the assembly, testing, and calibration of several variations of the Profiling ALACE Float.

If you would like information on how you could utilize the WHOI Float Group's services, please contact Jim Valdes at:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
56 Water Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
MS 30 Attention Jim Valdes
Phone 508-289-2263