The WHOI Float Group was formed in 1978 to support scientific research utilizing neutrally buoyant drifters called floats. Thease floats come in various shapes and sizes; see the instrumentation page.
Neutrally buoyant floats are used to chart ocean currents and to measure the physicial parameters (temperature and salinity) of the oceans. The WHOI Float Group prepares the floats for use and processes the data that the scientists interpret to assess the impact of the oceans on our ever changing planet. This information can be used to predict global warming as well as effects on marine life. The Float Group is comprised of three seprate groups:

There are always a number of experiments underway. The first step is the preparation of the instrumentation. Each instrument is bench checked to make sure it conforms to the standards we set for it. A series of calibrations takes place ( pressure, temperature, conductivity, etc..) in our on site facilities. Finally,each instrument is ballasted according to the scientist specifications.

Experiments On Line

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Click the image to see an animation of a SOLO Float mission

If you would like information on how you could utilize the WHOI Float Group's services, please contact Jim Valdes at:
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