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About DynAMITE

Read more about the DynaMITE program here.

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Download CTD, Mooring and HRP data from the DynAMITE cruises.


Explore the scientific results from the 3 years of the program.


Watch a video on the recovery of one of the DynAMITE moorings!

About DynAMITE

DynAMITE is an investigation of the processes underlying the Abyssal Upwelling Cell (AUC) in the western North Atlantic. It is comprised of 3 components:
  • 1) Analysis of basin-scale PV distributions from climatology.
  • 2) A moored transport array of profiling CTDs and current meters to measure the interior flows at depths between 1500 - 6000 m.
  • 3) Microstructure measurements (using the High Resolution Profiler) between Bermuda and the MAR where upwelling is postulated to feed the interior flows
Results from this program underscore the importance of the AUC’s contribution to budgets of mass, heat and tracers in the AMOC, and in setting the deep interior layers in motion. Read More

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