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Unedited Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity Data 2008

Three bottom pressure,temperature,conductivity instruments (Sea Bird SBE 26 Sea Gauges and SBE 37 Microcats) were deployed in April 2008 along the Red Sea coast at Jeddah, Thuwal and Rabigh by attaching the instruments to a local pier at a nominal depth of 3m. The total pressure data (water and air) is available here in a Matlab format. The 3 SBE Sea Gauge pressure data files are named

jedsg3m300s.mat for Jeddah

thusg3m300s.mat for Thuwal

rabsg3m300s.mat for Rabigh

jeddah_air_pres1.mat for Jeddah barometric (air) pressure

The data arrays are jday=julian day, pres = measured total pressure (db) - measured atmospheric pressure, bp = atmospheric pressure, temp= temperature(C)

The D1 deployment pressure data from Apr-Oct 2008 is in a zip file named

The 3 SBE Microcat temperature/salinity data files are named

jedmc3m300s.mat for Jeddah

thumc3m300s.mat for Thuwal

rabmc3m300s.mat for Rabigh

The D1 deployment T/S data arrays are jday=julian day, cond = conductivity (ms/cm), sal = salinity ppt, temp= temperature(C)

The salinity data from Apr-Oct 2008 is in a zip file named

This project was funded by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

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