Nantucket Sound Circulation - Observations, Analysis and Model Development



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Nobska Mooring Locations
Overview - Participants

Principal Investigators
Robert Beardsley
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Bob investigates the circulation and other physical processes at work on the continental shelf—including currents, tides, air-sea interaction—and the effects of such processes on plankton ecology. He has been deeply involved in the Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics Northwest Atlantic on Georges Bank program, which conducted an extensive set of physical and biological measurements on Georges Bank and surrounding waters during 1995-1999.
Richard Limeburner
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Richard studies the dynamics of the coastal ocean such as the general circulation, buoyancy and wind forcing, tidal rectification, sea ice annual cycles, mixing, LaGrangian (drifter) trajectories, and climate change.
Changsheng Chen
Professor, Department of Fisheries Oceanography, The School of Marine Science & Technology, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Chen is a coastal oceanographer who is interested in modeling and observational exploration of coastal ocean circulation, oceanic frontal processes, turbulent mixing/bottom boundary layer dynamics, chaotic mixing, western boundary current, internal waves and tides, and biological/physical interaction. .