Andrill 2006 Moored Data Formats
Data filenames usually contain information about the data
Example - a1ad100m300s.mat is Andrill mooring 1 AquaDopp data at 100m 
sampling every 300 seconds
Julian day is decimal day time. In this convention, Julian day 2440000 
began at 0000 hours, May 23, 1968.
Asci Matlab Excel
SBE 37 Microcat
Time julian day jdaymc*.dat jdaymc*
Temperature C tempmc*.dat tempmc*
Salinity psu saltmc*.dat saltmc*
Nortek AquaDopp
Time julian day jdayad*.dat jdayad*
East Velocity cm/s uad*.dat uad*
North Velocity cm/s vad*.dat vad*
Vertical Velocity cm/s wad*.dat wad*
Pressure mb presad*.dat presad*
Note - atmospheric pressure prior to deploment removed
Temperature C tempad*.dat tempad*
RDI 300 kHz Workhorse ADCP
Time julian day jday.xls
Bin Depth m bindepth.xls
Velocity cm/s rows are time
columns are bindepth