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CORSACS: Controls on Ross Sea Algal Community Structure
2005: A Research Cruise to the Ross Sea to Study What Controls the Phytoplankton Dynamics

Technology and Instrumentation

In order to study the biology and chemistry of the Ross Sea, we utilize numerous types of equipment and technology. Below are descriptions and pictures of some of the items we use.

Herbie, a membrane inlet mass spectrometer instrument from Philippe Tortell's laboratory. This machine is designed to measure gases dissolved in seawater.

This is a liquid chromotography mass spectrometer used in the Saito lab for proteomics. Samples are first separated by in a column where different compounds have unique retention times, then they are injected into the mass spectrometer.

Canberra Gamma Counter. Cylinder contains liquid nitrogen. The sample tray is shown here, but would normally be surrounded by the led bricks shown behind it when the instrument is counting a sample.

Chief Scientist's Log

Life at Sea

Questions from Visitors and Answers from Scientist Aboard the Research Vessel Palmer