In general, there are few truly "routine" analyses or samples. Therefore, it is always best to contact us at the earliest possible point in the planning process. A brief consultation at the time a proposal is first being developed can provide the User with realistic technical and financial projections and will give the Facility Manager insight into coming trends in equipment needs and usage patterns.

Work is generally scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis and instrument time often books up 3-4 months in advance. Donít worry if you are not certain exactly when you will have your samples ready; the Facilityís schedule frequently also slips. Should you experience a significant delay in the final preparation of your samples, the Facility can almost always go on to the next User in queue and come back to you when you are ready.

Let us know your scientific goals and technical priorities. We can generally optimize time/cost, sample consumption, accuracy, or range of compounds analyzed, but not all parameters simultaneously.

Prioritize your samples, and let us know which of your samples are more important than others. Equipment does sometimes unexpectedly become unavailable for extended periods of time. When such circumstances arise, we would allprefer to maximize the value of whatever work has been accomplished.

To schedule analyses, please contact Carl Johnson at 508-289-2304 or by email at cjohnson@whoi.edu. We try to maintain a rough schedule of currently planned work. Please bear in mind that this schedule is a intended as a guide, rather than an absolute timetable.


Suggestions for GCirMS Sample Preparation

Suggestions for Elemental Analysis

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