Oversight of the Facility is the responsibility of Senior Research Specialist Dr. Nelson M. Frew. Dr. Frew has over 30 years experience with mass spectrometry and has played an active role in the development of chromatographically interfaced mass spectrometry systems.

Most Facility business and management is conducted by Mr. Carl G. Johnson (Research Associate III). He has over 20 years experience in mass spectrometry and serves as principal operator for both the Facility’s high resolution mass spectrometer and the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.  

Ms Leah A. Houghton (Research Associate II) brought more than 10 year’s experience with isotope ratio mass spectrometry and chromatography when she came to W.H.O.I. from Cornell University in 1998. Ms Houghton serves as the principal isotope ratio mass spectrometer operator and coordinates use of the elemental analysis system.


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