12.751 Seminar in Geology & Geophysics - Fall 2005

Date/Room Speaker(s) / Topic
9/13 - Clark 237 Planning Meeting
9/20 - Clark 237 Joe Cann, WHOI Adjunct Scientist, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics:
A demonstration and discussion of scientific presentation skills
9/27 - Clark 237 Casey Saenger
"Multiproxy Evidence of Holocene Climate Variability from Estuarine Sediments, Eastern North America"
Michael Holcomb
"Tritium labeling of coral skeletons"

10/4 - Clark 237 Phil Lane
"Tropical Cyclones and Climate"
Jimmy Elsenbeck
"Seismic Anisotropy: How a Composite Rheology Could Change Everything"
10/11 - Clark 237
Holiday - no class
10/18 - Clark 237 Michael Krawczynski
"Hydrous Synthesis of Aluminum Bearing Silicate Perovskite: Implications for Hydrogen Storage in the Lower Mantle"
Casey Saenger
"El Nino variability from
algal hydrogen isotopes"
10/25 - Clark 237
Michael Holcomb
"How Low Can You Go?"
Phil Lane
"Unearthing Ancient Hurricanes"
11/1 - Clark 237 Jane Dunphy, Director of English Language Studies, MIT:
Preparing a Paper for Publication/ Good Style in Scientific & Technical Writing
No Seminar (no internet!)
11/15 - Clark 237 Eleanor Uhlinger, Associate Director, MBL/WHOI Library:
Literature search techniques, citation of scientific works and
web resources for student research opporunities and funding
11/22 - Clark 237
Michael Krawczynski
"Thermal history of rejuvenation of the Fish Canyon Tuff magma chamber"

11/29 - Clark 237
30-minute talk:
Jimmy Elsenbeck
"The African Seismic Anomaly: Implications of Anisoptropy"

AGU-style talks:

Casey Saenger -
"Assessing Caribbean salinity variability using the coral Montastrea annularis"

Michael Holcomb -
"The Boron pH Proxy"

Fall AGU - no class
12/13 - Clark 237 AGU-style talks:
Phil Lane
Michael Krawczynski
Jimmy Elsenbeck

For your first two seminar presentations, prepare a 30-minute talk. This leaves time for scientific discussion and constructive criticism of your presentation style and graphics. Remember to appoint one of your colleagues to introduce you and to lead the question and answer period following the talk. Hosts should also be prepared to respond to any technical needs that arise for the speaker.

For AGU-style talks you are allotted 15 minutes, which includes 5 minutes for questions and changeover to the next speaker. Practice your presentation so that you can finish in 10 minutes. We will hold you to the allotted time.

Powerpoint should be used for all presentations. Bring your talk on a laptop, USB drive or CD. A computer projector will be available for hook-up.  For AGU oral presentation guidelines, click on "Oral session guidelines" here. If you opt to have us critique a poster, you may want to review the AGU "Poster session guidelines" at the same URL.

ABSTRACTS are REQUIRED for all presentations.
Abstracts must be emailed to the class on or before the Monday preceding your talk.

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