12.751 Seminar in Geology & Geophysics - Fall 2003

Date/Room Speaker(s) / Topic
9/16 - McLean Conf.Joe Cann - "How Not to Give a Bad Talk"
9/23 - Clark 509 class discussion - "Ethical Challenges in Science"
9/30 - Clark 509 Fritz Heide, WHOI Graphics Services - "Guidelines for Desiging Graphics for Scientific Presentations" class discussion - "Anonymous Reviews: The good, the bad and the ugly"
10/7 - Clark 509 Graphics: What works, what doesn't, and why?
10/14 - Clark 181 Sharon Hoffmann Matt Jackson
10/21 NO CLASS
10/28 - Carriage House Lynne Elkins Trish Gregg
10/31 - MIT Jane Dunphy - Interactive Seminar: Writing Scientific Papers
1:00-3:00 PM, MIT 14E, Room 304
11/4 - Clark 509Lisa Lassner Hans Schouten
11/11 Veterans Day Break - no classes Monday & Tuesday
11/18 - Clark 509 GUEST SPEAKER:
Ken Sims, WHOI - Mount Erebus epics (for a lay audience)
Helen Sturt, WHOI - Intact polar lipids in procaryotes and sediments (for a scientific audience)
11/25 - Clark 509 AGU-style talks:
Matthew Jackson
Trish Gregg
Sharon Hoffmann
12/2 - Clark 509 AGU-style talks:
Lynne Elkins
Lisa Lassner
12/9 - Clark 509Fall AGU (no class)
12/16 Exam Week - no class

For your first seminar presentation, prepare a 25- to 35-minute talk. This leaves 10-20 minutes for scientific discussion and constructive criticism of your presentation style and graphics. Remember to appoint one of your colleagues to introduce you and to lead the question and answer period following the talk. Hosts should also be prepared to respond to any technical needs that arise for the speaker.

For AGU-style talks you are allotted 15 minutes, which includes 5 minutes for questions and changeover to the next speaker. Practice your presentation so that you can finish in 10 minutes. We will hold you to the allotted time. One overhead projector and one computer projector will be available. For AGU oral presentation guidelines, click on "Oral session guidelines" here. If you opt to have us critique a poster, you may want to review the AGU "Poster session guidelines" at the same URL.