12.751 - Scientific Graphics free-for-all

For our seminar on 10/7/03, we'll be looking at examples of journal article figures, posters, overheads, and PowerPoint slides. This follows on Fritz Heide's presentation in which we learned that, in scientific graphics, "every case is special" hence, "there are no strict rules for what works and what doesn't." Bring your favorite and least favorite examples to class. We will vilify the worst and canonize (can we do that?) the best.

Examples from the recent literature to be discussed:
Guest, et al., in Geology, June 2003
Herrmann, et al., in Geology, June 2003
Shaw, G. H., in GSA Bulletin, August 2003
Owens and Tucker, in GSA Bulletin, August 2003
Scott, et al., in GSA Bulletin, September 2003
Wilkinson, et al., in GSA Bulletin, September 2003

Bring your own figures for discussion, if you would like.

If you are interested in reading the article that Fritz mentioned titled "Perfect Practice," you can view it at www.presentations.com (do a search there on "perfect practice"), or by clicking here.

Fritz also mentioned Edward Tufte's books. Tufte has an interesting website www.edwardtufte.com, but the emphasis is clearly on selling his products. Our library has three of Tufte's books. They are on reserve for the semester, on a shelf in the Clark basement library, where Ann Devenish sits.