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Sample Requests
piston core
The seafloor samples archived in the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution collection are available to the scientific community at large. Except for new suites of materials reserved for proprietary use by the collecting P.I.’s all of the cores, dredges, grabs and submersible recoveries can, upon user request, be examined, subsampled, and used for research and publications. While we always encourage that individuals interested in reviewing and subsampling the collection actually visit the lab, our staff is prepared to fulfill sample requests submitted by users who cannot travel to our facilities in Woods Hole.

Samples may be requested by mail, email or phone. Detailed annotation and reference to the material required must accompany these requests. Concise specifications are necessary for the core lab staff to be able to review and process ‘remote’ requests. All correspondence concerning sampling the collection or visiting the Seafloor Samples Laboratory should be directed to or Sample data and station information can be researched online [Go to SEDCORE 2000] and the core lab staff is available at 508-289-2466 for consultation and advice.