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standard piston core
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Available Sampling Systems - ‘Standard Piston Core’
This stainless steel ‘Kullenberg’ piston coring system was our ‘workhorse’ for many years. [To find out how a piston corer works when it reaches the seafloor see page two of the following pdf document]. Since the development of the Jumbo Piston Core in the late 80’s, this ‘standard’ system has rarely been deployed on WHOI-led coring operations. However, all the system hardware is still on hand and available.

With a corehead weighing just over a ton the WHOI standard PC is rigged with core barrels that were 3.5” in outside diameter. Inside the stainless steel core barrel a polycarbonate plastic liner with an inside diameter of 2.6” captures the sediment sample. The corers’ length is adjustable in ~3 meter increments up to a maximum of ~18 meters. In spite of this relative ‘shortcoming,“ we have almost 10 kilometers of cored material in the collection that have been recovered with the standard PC.

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