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Quick tour of SC2000

Explore - SEDCORE 2000
Go to SEDCORE 2000 SC2000 was created to allow you to explore our sea floor samples collection and data related to the sample inventory. This new GIS tool was constructed using ESRI’s Internet Map Server Software, and is a Web ready version of their traditional ARC VIEW GIS mapping package. Please understand that this is a work in progress and SC2000 is going to be evolving over time. We will be adding more detailed information about existing stations, on hand core descriptions as they are processed, new descriptive material as it is produced and new station data as expeditions are completed. In addition it’s likely that we’ll be adding and modifying the tools available for manipulating the map displays and additional fields of information as our work on the system continues.

So, if you’re returning in the future, please check the tutorial page for news of significant changes that may affect the content or outcome of your search procedures. Your comments are welcomed by (curator) or (creator), and we’ll be glad to try to answer any questions you might have about utilizing this powerful new tool. Be sure that if your search results in the need for subsamples of any sort from the collection that we’ll be ready to provide them or any additional information that you might require concerning your specific interests. Again, contact the curator for elaboration on data or sample requests.