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hurricane ivan

Boldt, K.V., P. Lane, J.D. Woodruff, J.P. Donnelly, and J. Donnelly, "Calibrating a sedimentary record of overwash from Southeastern New England using modeled historic hurricane surges,"Marine Geology v. 275, p. 127-139, 2010.
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Carlson, A.E., J.S. Stoner, J.P. Donnelly, and C. Hillaire-Marcel, "Response of the Southern Greenland Ice Sheet during the last two deglaciations," Geology, v. 36, no. 5, p. 359-362., 2008.
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Ashton, A.D., J.P. Donnelly, and R.L. Evans, "A discussion of the potential impacts of climate change on teh shorelines of the Northeastern USA," Mitig Adapt Strat Glob Change , sl 1027-007-9124-3., 2007.
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Donnelly, J.P., J. Butler, S. Roll, Micah Wengren, and T. Webb III, "A backbarrier overwash record of intense storms from Brigantine, New Jersey," Marine Geology, v. 210, p.107-121., 2004.
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