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Sediment Lab

grain size analyzer
The LS13320 laser diffraction particle size analyzer. Enlarge »
gamma counter
Canberra High-Purity Germanium Well Detector. Enlarge »
core storage frige
The core storage refrigerator. Enlarge »

The Sediment Lab run by the Coastal Group is equipped to split and cut cores as well as provide a full-range of rapid sedimentological analyses. Commonly performed techniques include Loss-On-Ignition, laser-based determination of grain size distribution, and measurement of short-lived radioisotopes.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
The workhorse of the Sediment Lab is a Beckman Coulter LS13320 particle size analyzer. Using laser diffraction technology, the LS can measure grain size diameters of 0.4 microns to 2 mm in size in a matter of minutes. Our model is equipped with an auto-sampler, allowing the user to load a run of 30 samples to be processed automatically. The accompanying software calculates the grain size distribution of the sample along with the appropriate statistics, and the data may be exported to external programs.

Gamma Counters
We maintain two Canberra GL2020RS high-purity germanium gamma detectors for measurement of short-lived radioisotopes in sediments, such as Pb-210 and Cs-137. These instruments, equipped with low-background crytostats and large wells, are optimized for measuring small sediment samples.

Core Storage
The Coastal Group maintains their own large-capacity refrigerator to store sediment cores and other samples taken from the field.

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