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CHIRP Sunrise
Lowering the CHIRP into the Arctic Ocean at sunrise. Enlarge »
Collecting a GPR profile along Rexhame Beach, MA. Enlarge »
coring yucatan
Piston coring in the Yucatán, Mexico. Enlarge »

The Coastal Group at WHOI is equipped with a wide variety of equipment to address the many challenges of working in the field. We stock a veritable arsenal of coring devices, including a Colinvaux Piston Corer, augers, shovels, steel probing rods, standard vibracore rig, Rossfelder vibracorer, Russian peat corer, coring platform, and more. Additionally, a Leica TC800 Total Survey Station is available to survey map both modern geomorphology and core sites, and a Trimble Pathfinder Pro XR global positioning system (GPS; submeter real-time) is used to precisely locate geophysical data and individual sample sites.

In addition to the wide variety of small vessels available at WHOI, our lab has a 20’ pontoon boat (RV Arenaria) suitable for conducting both geophysical surveys and coring operations. For collecting geophysical data, we operate a GSSI SIR-2000 ground penetrating radar (GPR) with 400 MHz and 200 MHz antennas. We also have an Edgetech 3100-P and X-Star Chirp systems with a SB-424 (4-24 kHz) and SB-0512i (500 Hz - 12 kHz) fish that provide additional subsurface imaging capabilities.

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