W5-1C#5 Platyamoeba contorta


W5-1C#5 Platyamoeba contorta Collected by LExEn group 1/1/99. Isolated using dilution method by D.Moran 5/28/00. 18ssrDNA sequence is deposited in GenBank under accession number DQ229954. Live culture is deposited at ATCC under accession number PRA-218. Morphologically and molecularly identified as Platyamoeba contorta (Moran, D.M., Anderson, O.R., Dennett, M.R., Caron, D.A., Gast, R.J. 2007. A Description of Seven Antarctic Marine Gymnamoebae Including a New Subspecies, Two New Species and a New Genus: Neoparamoeba aestuarina antarctica n. subsp., Platyamoeba oblongata n. sp., Platyamoeba contorta n. sp. and Vermistella antarctica n. gen. n. sp.J. Eukaryotic Microbiology 54: 169-183.).

Order: Amoebozoa
Average Cell Size: 10um - 15um.
Media: Sargasso Cero + extra rice.

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